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Details :

Saudi Fresh Chicken Thighs

Slaughtered By Hand As Per Islamic Rites

Vegatarian Feed 100%

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Country of Origin :

Saudi Arabia

Weight :

  • Net Weight
  • 500
  • Gram

Ingredients :

Chicken Thighs

Nutritional Facts :

Energy For 100g (kj/kcal)165/690
Proteins For 100g18.2 G
Carbohydrates For 100g0 G
Total Fats For 100g10.3 G
Saturated Fats For 100g3.1 G
Monounsaturated Fats For 100g4.2 G
Polyunsaturated Fats For 100g2.9 G
Cholestrol For 100g26.1 Mg
Sodium For 100g63.9 Mg

Recommended Storage :

0°C to 4°C

Minimum Expiry :

2 Day

Expiry Life :

7 Day

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