Corporate Sales

B2B Delivery

In addition to the convenience of retail shopping, ONCOST operates a fleet of delivery vehicles offering fast, efficient and hygenic door to door delivery to our professional customers.

Meat and Fish

ONCOST Meat department is vertically integrated with modern slaughter houses in Kuwait offering quality meat while maintaining highest hygiene standards. We take pride in extending local and imported assortment offered according to the specific requirements of the customer.

At ONCOST, local and imported fish and seafood are carefully selected by our expert consultants on a daily basis. It includes fish, crustaceans and shellfish to satisfy professionals and consumers alike.

Abdullah Nasser Hussain


Phone Number: +965 2227 1100 Ext.168

Mobile Number: 67669105

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Being located in the heart of the Central Fruits and Vegetable Market, ONCOST is in a unique position to offer the best lines of fresh Fruits and Vegetables to our customers. At ONCOST, we commit to the highest standards of freshness and cleanliness at all times.

Mohamed Nada


Phone Number: +965 2227 1100

Mobile Number: 69698835

Frozen and Dairy

Our carefully selected range of frozen food products include chicken, vegetables, desserts and more. Our dairy assortment, is stored in the best refrigeration conditions to ensure freshness at all times.

Abhilash P.K.


Phone Number: +965 2227 1100 Ext.162

Mobile Number: 60027337

Confectionary and Beverages

ONCOST portfolio includes a wide selection of candies,sweets, chocolate, biscuits and many more . We also list a beverage line that includes the best selling drinks, juices, soft drinks and bottled water.

Jihad Seif Eddine


Phone Number: +965 22271100 Ext. 164

Mobile Number: 67669062


Our Grocery assortment is carefully selected to satisfy all needs of HORECA, Institutions, Traders and Families. Our customers will find the convenience of large product sizes which offer best value for bulk purchase.

Jihad Seif Eddine


Phone Number: +965 22271100 Ext. 164

Mobile Number: 67669062


At ONCOST we provide a wide selection of items including professional detergents and cleaning products, disposables and much more.

Unni Krishnan


Phone Number: +965 22271100 Ext 163

Mobile Number: 69620992