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Details :

Almarai Whipping Cream 250ml

Product Code:


Country of Origin :

Saudi Arabia

Weight :

  • 250.00
  • Milliliter

Ingredients :

Fresh Cream, Stabilizer (e463, E407), Vitamin D3.

Nutritional Facts :

Energy315 Kcal
Protein1.9 G
Carbohydrates2.5 G
Of Which Sugar2.5 G
Total Fat33.0 G
Of Which Saturated Fat22.44 G
Cholesterol90 Mg
Sodium42 Mg
Vitamin D3100 Iu
Vitamin A800 Iu

Recommended Storage :

5°C to 5°C

Minimum Expiry :

2 Month

Expiry Life :

7 Month

Health Statements :

% Of Your Daily Values Based On 2000 Kcal Diet. Your Daily Value

May Be Higher Or Lower Dependng On Your Calorie Needs.

Directions of Use :

Long Life Whipping Cream. Made From 100% Pure Fresh Cow's Milk Fat
Content Minimum 33%, Uht Treated And Homogenized. Keep Refrigerated
(below 5c) Do Not Freeze/ For Best Result Cool 5c Before Whipping.
Keep Refrigerated 5c After Opening. Consume Within 3 Days Of
Opening. No Water Or Preservatives Added.

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