What is our Return Policy?

You will find our full Return Policy here.

Can I pick up my items from the store instead of delivery?

No, Because Store pick up facility is still not implemented officially yet.

How Will The Products Be Delivered?

Our dedicated vehicles are equipped to handle all types of products ranging from dry, fresh and frozen. We will do our best to bag your products in the most suitable manner. The products will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Where are the stores located?

During the checkout process, you will find the stores and addresses available for pickup.

What are the Online operation working hour?

09.00AM TO 12.00AM (Online Operation working hrs.)

What are the delivery working hours?

We deliver from 10.00am to 12am 7 Days a week

Are there extra charges for delivery?

Yes, Adding a small delivery charge of 1KWD when your order total is less than 35KWD.

Will my information be shared?

All information will be held confidential and will not be shared. It is your choice to share through your Facebook or other social media platforms.

Can I change any personal information after I have registered?

Yes. Go to My Account and change any information as needed.

What type of payments do we accept?

We accept K-net or Credit card ONLINE, Tap Payment and Cash On delivery.

How do I place an order?

Once you have selected your items, go to the Checkout page and complete the process.

Will there be any follow up communication once my order is placed?

• Yes. You will receive an Order Confirmation via email.

• For Non Availability our representative will contact you for options.

• Reaching by our live chat and whatsapp chat

Can I make changes to my order?

Yes, By contacting our Representatives changes can be made but prior to 3 Hours before the delivery.

Is there a Minimum Order Value?

Yes. KWD 10.000 only.

What if I was not present during the delivery?

We will try to contact you by phone, but if we are unsuccessful in reaching you or you will not be able to attend the delivery in a reasonable time (15 Minutes), we will kindly re-schedule the delivery with you.

Will I get a new invoice if I return any item?

Yes. A new invoice will be sent via email.

How will my groceries be packed?

We will do our best to bag your products in the most suitable manner. Dairy with dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables together, etc.

What if I order an item and it is not available?

Items visible on the website are in-stock at the start of that working day. If for any reason the product becomes out of stock before your delivery, we will follow your substitution requirements and notify you. The substitution requirements can be selected at the time of checkout or by viewing your cart. We will refund you the difference or inform you of an additional amount before delivering the goods.

How can I cancel my order?

Kindly inform us immediately by calling 22271303. A refund will be given if you already paid online. If you have made the purchase online with a credit card, payment will be reversed in 7-10 business days. If you made your transaction through KNET online, refund time will be dependent on your bank.

Can I view my order history?

Yes. Go to View Order History.

Can I change my delivery location?

Yes. Go to Order History and select your order delivery date. Edit your order as needed. (Note: Any editing will result with the delivery time to be changed to a minimum of 3 hours from the time of edit.

What if my credit card is not working?

Kindly contact your bank for details.

Can I change my log-in information?

Yes. Go to My Account and change information as needed.

Can I list multiple delivery addresses for my account?

Yes. During the checkout process, you may select from an existing address or list a different delivery address.

Will my price be fixed or will there be variations?

The price of the items will be fixed on the day you placed the order.

Do we delivery to businesses?

Yes, we can deliver to your business for your personal use. If the order is for your business, this is done through our Distribution Centre (a separate entity). Kindly call us at 2227 1100 during our office working hours of 8am to 5pm, Sunday through Thursday for detailed processes.

Do I need to be present for delivery?

No, but someone has to be present to sign the delivery invoice. If you choose payment at time of delivery, the payment must be given to the driver. If you have ordered cigarettes in your cart, the receiving person should be 21 and older.

Can I order any quantity during my transaction?

Any quantity for personal consumption will be accommodated. However min/max quantity for items on promotional will apply.

Can I make a single transaction and request multiple delivery locations?

No. Each Transaction is designated for a single delivery location only.

How are weighted items sold?

In pre-packed sizes or by piece, depending on the product.

Will I get a printed Invoice during delivery?

Yes. All delivery invoices will be presented two copies. One to sign that delivery was made which we will file and the other is for you records.