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Details :

super crisps wedges

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Weight :

  • Net Weight
  • 1.5
  • Kilogram

Ingredients :

Potatoes^ Vegetable Oil(sunflower Oil)^ Coating(wheat Flour^ Wheat Starch^ Salt
Garlic Powder^ Raising Agents^ E450 And E500^ Spice(black Pepper^ Cumin^ Red Pepper)
Sugar^ Onion Powder^ Wheat^ Dextrose ^ Colour Caramel And Paprika^ Extract
Yeast Extract)
Contains Wheat

Nutritional Facts :

Per 100 Grams
Calories128 Kcal
Total Fat5.5 G
Of Which Trans Fat0.6 G
Cholestorol0.5 Mg
Carbohydrates17 G
Protein2.5 G

Recommended Storage :

°C to °C

Minimum Expiry :

2 Month

Expiry Life :

12 Month

Cooking Instructions :

Oven Method
1-preheat Oven To 218c
2-bake In A Single Layer For 10 Minutes^ Turn And Bake For And Additional
8-12 Minutes Or Until Desired Crispiness Is Reached.
3-season To Taste And Serve Immediately.
Deep Fry Method
1-preheat Oil To 177c
2-deep Fry Frozen Potatoes(680g) For 2 1/4-2 3/4 Minutes.
3-shake To Remove Excess Oil.
4-season To Taste And Serve Immediately.

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