Membership Terms & Condition

  1. ONCOST Membership Program (MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM) is the property of ONCOST.
  2. The Membership Program is governed by the laws of the State of Kuwait.
  3. In order to be eligible to enroll and participate in the Membership Program and obtain its benefits, you MUST be 18 years old or older at the time of registration.
  4. Customers to be enrolled to ONCOST’s Membership Program will be referred to as Members.
  5. Members accept to provide personal and / or company information needed for registration to the Membership Program. Members accept that they have to keep their personal information updated in order to receive their program benefits.
  6. Members accept that ONCOST has the right to use personal and/or company information that is provided for data management and analytic needs, and also share the information with 3rd parties in order to develop affiliated offerings and use for marketing communication.
  7. Members agree to terms & conditions by joining this Membership program.
  8. The Membership Program is valid for 12 months and is automatically renewed at the end of the 12 months.
  9. The main benefit of the Membership Program is an annual cashback to each member, which is calculated based on the customer’s purchases during the year. A variable membership fee will be deducted from the gross cashback amount based on the volume of purchases made throughout the year.
  10. The current cash back benefit and membership fee structure is as follows:

    Yearly Lower Limit (KD)Yearly Upper Limit (KD)Cash-Back %Membership Fee (KD)
    0.000 999.999 1.00% 0.000
    1,000.000 1,399.999 1.50% 2.500
    1,400.000 1,719.999 1.75% 5.000
    1,720.000 2,159.999 2.00% 8.000
    2,160.000 2,699.999 2.50% 12.000
    2,700.000 3,379.999 2.75% 18.000
    3,380.000 4,259.999 3.00% 25.000
    4,260.000 5,359.999 3.50% 30.000
    5,360.000 6,800.000 4.00% 40.000
  11. The benefits of the Membership Program are exclusive to Members. Without becoming a Member, it is not possible to obtain the benefits of the Membership Program.
  12. It is under the sole authority of ONCOST to make any changes to the Membership Program, including the annual purchasing limits, cash back benefit percentages, membership fees, and any other parameters to define the Membership Program.
  13. In case of any amendments to the Membership Program, ONCOST will announce the changes to the members no later than 60 days prior to the effective date of the changes.
  14. ONCOST is solely responsible for calculating the benefits and fees of all members of the Membership Program.
  15. The Member agrees that ONCOST will utilize his/her purchasing data as a source to calculate his/her cashback rewards and membership fees. If there is a discrepancy between our calculation and the Member’s own calculation, our calculation will determine the cashback reward and membership fees, unless the Member can prove otherwise to our satisfaction.
  16. All Members must provide at least one of the following information in order to register any purchase to the member’s account:

    • Oncost Membership card;
    • Membership ID Number;
    • Telephone number that is associated with the membership account;
    • Civil ID number that is associated with the membership account.
  17. Periodic promotion items, as advertised on ONCOST flyers, will not be counted in the cashback calculation during the promotion period.
  18. Purchases of Cigarettes and Meat Bones will not be counted in the cashback calculation.
  19. Any returned item’s value will be deducted from the cashback calculation.
  20. The membership annual cashback is calculated based on the Member’s annual purchases at ONCOST stores (online included).
  21. The maximum annual purchases made by a single member that is applicable for a cashback is KD 6,800.
  22. The cashback amount is calculated for each Member 12 months after the enrollment date in the Membership Program.
  23. The calculated cashback amount, after deducting the associated membership fee as listed in Article 10, is allocated to the Member’s account and ready for redemption on ONCOST’s systems 12 months after the enrollment date.
  24. A member can redeem his/her cashback reward at all ONCOST stores (including online).
  25. The cashback reward, which is allocated to the Member’s account on ONCOST’s systems, must be redeemed by the Member within 1 year of the amount being credited to the account. Any unredeemed amount will be deleted from the system after 12 months without any prior notice.
  26. A member can redeem his/her cashback reward in one transaction or in multiple transactions.
  27. Any disputes or disagreement with the cashback are to be reported within 30days of the transaction date. Oncost will not be responsible for any dispute or disagreement after 30 days of transaction date.
  28. The Membership account holder is responsible for all the transactions associated with it.
  29. A member is entitled to request his/her cashback amount to be distributed in the form of cash. To do so, the Member must submit a written and signed request to ONCOST’s finance department, which is located in the Company’s head office. Upon acceptance of the written and signed request, a cheque will be made out in the member’s name no later than 90 days from the acceptance of the request.
  30. ONCOST reserves the right to terminate any Member’s account that has been inactive for more than 24 months.
  31. ONCOST reserves the right to terminate any Member’s account at any time if it is deemed that the member has violated any of the terms and conditions of the Membership Program.
  32. In case of termination of a membership account due to a violation of the terms & conditions, ONCOST reserves the right to not distribute the cashback amount that the Member has accrued during his membership period.
  33. A Member has the right to terminate his/her membership account by visiting the customer service desk at any of the ONCOST’s branches. The person whose membership account is in his/her name is the only person that has the right to cancel the Membership account.
  34. If the Member decides to cancel his/her Membership Account, any cashback reward that the Member has earned will be automatically forfeited.
  35. A Member can find out how much he/she has spent during the Membership period on their last receipt from ONCOST, at the customer service desk of any ONCOST store, or on ONCOST’s website.
  36. If the Membership card is lost, stolen or damaged, a Member may visit any customer service desk at any ONCOST store to arrange a replacement card. A replacement fee of KD2.500 will be applied.